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September is National Life Insurance Awareness Month.    Are you covered?

5 Star Life Insurance is providing an exclusive MEMBERS ONLY opportunity in September to purchase Term Life Insurance at competitive group rates! Guaranteed Issue*
This Offer is for a limited time only!

Call and speak with a Benefits Counselor Today



Mon - Fri (9AM - 7PM EST)


Book Appointment to speak with a Benefits Counselor at a future time and date.

What you need to know:
Do I need Life Insurance?
Simply put, if someone depends on you financially, then you need life insurance. Many individuals that are self-employed small business owners have very little or no life insurance.
*What does Guaranteed Issue mean?
G/I means your approval is guaranteed, regardless of your medical history.
There are NO medical questions and no exam requirements. 
What type of life insurance policy is this?
5 Star Life is offering members a Level Term to Age 100 and at low group rates.
Membership has it's advantages!
How much can I buy?
Members get up to $50,000 on you and up to $25,000 on your spouse - Guaranteed Issue!
Can I purchase more?
Yes. You can buy an additional $100,000 "Simplified Issue".
S/I has only 4 medical questions.
When can I enroll?
Now and throughout September.
How do I get a quote or enroll?  
It's easy. Call 800.344.6820 Monday - Friday (9AM - 7 PM EST) and a benefit counselor will assist you. If you decide to enroll, the application is taken right over the phone. It's paperless!
How does the "Book Your Appointment" work?
We understand you're busy and on the go. If you know of a future date/time that you'd like to be called by a Benefit Counselor, click HERE and simply let us know when.
How do I pay?
Premiums are conveniently withdrawn from either your bank/debit card or a credit card. You can even have your premium collected weekly on your pay day!
How much does life insurance cost?
Less than you're probably thinking. Below is a sample, but a licensed benefit counselor will be more than happy to provide a personalized quote with no obligation. Call 800.344.6820

Sample weekly rates based on $50,000 term life policy:


Member age 35   $6.02/week

Member age 45   $11.03/week

Member age 55   $21.04/week

Does it cost more if I smoke?
No, premiums are not increased if you use tobacco of any kind. 
Can I keep my policy?
Yes. This policy is owned by you, so if you should leave your current motor carrier, you can keep it.
Who is 5 Star Life Insurance Company?
5 Star Life underwrites most of the life insurance offered by the Armed Forces Benefit Administration (AFBA). For nearly 70 years, the AFBA has stood by our country's Armed Forces providing life insurance in both war and peace to those that serve. AFBA now serves other markets in addition to military, including first responders, Department of Defense contractors and federal employees. Today, AFBA has more than 400,000 members with 38.2B of life insurance in force.
To ask questions, get a quote or to enroll,
Call 800.344.6820 Mon-Fri (9AM-7PM)
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