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Independent Driver Benefits and Personal Insurance Guide


We understand the challenges associated with life on the road, as well as those that come with being a small business owner. Our menu of personal insurance plans and business services are designed to protect you, your family and everything you’ve worked so hard for as a business owner. The brands below represent partners that have come together to provide you with the most innovative independent driver program in the transportation industry. 

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If you are looking for an alternative solution to the rising costs of Health Insurance and the Affordable Care Act, then Aliera Healthcare may be right for you. Aliera is not insurance, but looks and acts like insurance (taking in premium money and paying out claims). Comprehensive plans are approximately 30-50% less than a comparable ACA health plan. Benefits include:

  •  Enroll anytime throughout the year

  •  Affordable Premiums (plans starting at $104/mo.)

  •  National PPO Doctor and Hospital Network

  •  Easy Enrollment over the phone

  •  Telemedicine included

  • Competitive rates on Dental and Vision


Sample weekly rates (40 yr. male):

-CarePlus Plan          $32.64

-Aliera Value              $50.03

-Aliera Premium         $72.88

Sample weekly rates (40 yr. male +1):

-CarePlus                   $50.64

-Aliera Value               $91.15

-Aliera Premium          $111.71

Sample weekly rates (40 yr. male w/ family):

-CarePlus                    $74.18

-Aliera Value                $125.42

-Aliera Premium           $148.27

Call Today to ask Questions or Enroll


Guaranteed Issue (No Exams) Personal Insurance from Allstate Benefits


Short Term Disability Insurance (off-the-job)

An injury or illness can take you off the road and have a severe impact to your family and business. Get guaranteed issue* short-term disability with a benefit of up to $2,500/month for up to 13 weeks.

Term Life Insurance to age 100

If someone relies on you financially, then you need life insurance. Get life insurance up to $80,000 for member (guaranteed issue*) and $40,000 for spousePolicy premiums remain level to age 100 and includes a rider for terminal and critical illness. 

Sample weekly rates (40 yr. male non-smoker):


-Dental  __________________$10.37

-Vision   __________________$3.23

-Life ($80,000 level term) _____ $10.48

-Critical Illness ($10,000) _____  $3.87

-Disability ($1,500/mo. benefit) _ $12.97

-Accident Plus _____________ $ 2.63

-Total __________________  $43.55/wk

Critical Illness 
Critical illnesses, such as heart attack, cancer and stroke, happen every day. To maintain your lifestyle and help you recover, you may need some financial help. Get up to $20,000 guaranteed issue* critical illness benefits paid directly to you, so the money can be used on items that matter most to you!
Accident (off-the-job) 

If an accident should take you off the road during recovery, financial worries can grow quickly. Accident Insurance is there for you through multiple stages of care, from the initial emergency treatment or hospitalization to follow up treatments or physical therapy.

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*The insurance offers above are guaranteed issue, so coverage is guaranteed, regardless of health history.
For more information call 844.385.5576 
  SCHEDULE and appointment to be called back at a later date and time
Members also get preferred rates on the following insurance and business services: 
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Tax and Bookkeeping:


EQUINOX Business Solutions offers NAIT members an exclusive discounted array of business services including bookkeeping, tax, and technology solutions, all which enable EQUINOX’s team of Professional Tax Advisors to help independent contractors manage their business and adapt to changes in their business in real time. EQUINOX is in business to help the businesses of the nation’s independent contractors who make our transportation system and other industries work.


For more information call 800.533.4230

For more information on these and other NAIT Benefits 
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