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Covid-19 has had a major impact in how we operate as individuals and our businesses. As small a business owner, it's critical to have the proper insurance protections for yourself and your family. A Special Enrollment Period will run until Friday July 31 for all FCL/MHL/GOIL independent contractor drivers. Truckers Healthcare is offering a menu of Healthcare and Supplemental insurance programs with Guaranteed Approval. Call for information or a quote, whether you have existing coverage or no coverage - 844.831.4284 


Health Insurance (ACA and ACA alternative) 

Whether you have existing ACA coverage, need new coverage or have no healthcare coverage. Newer alternative healthcare plans are saving some as much as 50% over their existing plan and provide excellent coverage! Call for a FREE QUOTE 844.831.4284

Life Insurance

FCL/MHL/GOIL drivers qualify for life insurance that comes with guaranteed approval. Premiums stay level and coverage is portable.

Disability Insurance

You're guaranteed approved for short-term disability that is portable and goes where you go.

Critical Illness 

Pays a lump sum guaranteed approved benefit if you or a covered dependent gets diagnosed with a heart attack, stroke, cancer and more. 


Pays lump sum benefits in the event of an off-the-job accident. Funds can help offset out-of-pocket costs that health insurance doesn't cover.


Get access to several affordable plan options and a nationwide network. 

NEW Telemedicine 

FREE to you and your family!

With telemedicine, you get 24/7 unlimited virtual access to a doctor in minutes...and with $0 co-pay!


With telemedicine, the doctor is always IN!


*Telemedicine provided by MD Live and includes your entire family. 

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