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CRST Flatbed Solutions is again partnering with Truckers Healthcare to help with offering affordable healthcare solutions in 2021.


Open enrollment begins November 1st, so now is the time to call if you have questions or need your health plan shopped. Truckers Healthcare has over 30 years in the healthcare insurance industry and understands the challenges of the self-employed driver. Give us a call at 844.215.3764



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Health Insurance (ACA and ACA alternatives) 

Whether you have existing ACA coverage, need new coverage or have no healthcare coverage, Truckers Healthcare can help find plans that fit your needs and budget. New alternative healthcare plans can save 50% or more over your existing plan and provide excellent coverage! Call for a FREE QUOTE 844.215.3764

Life Insurance

If someone relies on you financially, then you need life insurance. Get exceptional guaranteed approved life insurance with spouse and children coverage available. Policy premiums remain level to age 100 and includes coverage for terminal and critical illness. Coverage is portable.

Disability Insurance

An injury or illness can take you off the road and have a severe impact to your family and business. Get generous guaranteed approved short-term disability that is portable and goes where you go.

Critical Illness 

Pays a lump sum guaranteed approved benefit if you or a covered dependent gets diagnosed with one of the following medical conditions: heart attack, stroke, cancer and more. 


Pays a lump sum benefit in the event of an off-the-job accident to help offset out-of-pocket costs due to hospitalization, emergency room care, lacerations, concussions, fractures and more. Family coverage is available.


Proper dental and vision care is essential in maintaining good overall health. Get access to several affordable plan options and a nationwide network. 


FREE to you and your family!

With telemedicine, you get 24/7 unlimited virtual access to a doctor in minutes...and with $0 co-pay!


With telemedicine, the doctor is always IN!


*Telemedicine services provided by MD Live 

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