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Supplemental Insurance

Critical Illness

Critical illnesses, such as heart attack, cancer and stroke, happen every day. They can have serious consequences, both physical and financial. To maintain your lifestyle and help you recover, you may need some financial help. Critical illness benefits are paid directly to you, so the money can be used on items that matter most to you!


If you, or someone close to you, became critically ill, would you have enough money to pay for...

  • Mortgage/Rent

  • Household Bills, such as, groceries, car payments, credit cards and repairs

  • Childcare

  • Expenses not covered by insurance

  • Travel

 Cancer accounts for 2 out of 3 critical illness claims!

Accident Expense Insurance (non-work related)

If an accident should take you off the road during recovery, financial worries can grow quickly. Although accidents are unpredictable, you can be prepared for them financially with Accident Insurance. 


Accident Insurance is there for you through multiple stages of care, from the initial emergency treatment or hospitalization to follow up treatments or physical therapy.

Dental Insurance

Dental problems account for millions of dollars in lost productivity each year. Taking care of your teeth is an important part of your overall health.


  • 2 routine annual dental exams paid at 100% in network

  • Minor restorative services offered after 6 months paid at 70% in network

  • Major dental services after 12 months paid at 40% in network

  • DenteMax Network offering 279,000 dentists nationwide

Vision Insurance

An annual eye exam is an important part of your routine preventive healthcare. Eye exams not only help your vision, but can detect major health issues such as diabetes or hypertension. Our affordable vision coverage offers an annual routine eye exam for a low co-payment. Plus you get a generous allowance for contact lenses or eyeglass lenses and frames.

  • 1 routine eye exam annually 

  • $150 allowance for eyewear annually

  • Only a $15 fee for the eye exam and $15 for the eyewear or contact lens fitting

  • Community Eye Care Network is one of the largest networks in the US

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